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FOX Business
Aug 27, 2013 3:00pm EDT
anyway if it is financial, technology, it has to be concern of the fed mixed into all of this, what is on your radar? >> you're getting talk about the debt ceiling coming in, it all came to a crescendo today. more importantly looking at the technicals, the 50 day moving average have a hard time getting back above it. now on the downside, the s&p is passing the moving average so to me we have not had a huge break over the summer time and i think this is it. we can talk about airstrikes with the repercussions i think that will come of this out of the middle east are not going to be good. it is a lot of uncertainty for the market. i think obama made a big mistake drawing a line in the sand. you're talking about the israelis, they will not draw a line in the sand. we will not wait for a way to tell us to go. cheryl: the spread on the brent contract has been fascinating to watch. >> we are a lot more self-sufficient than we have been in years, so w the contract will react more violently to the strike when it happens than we will. the contract really has a lot more room to the upside to r
FOX Business
Aug 23, 2013 3:00pm EDT
to any technology based company, we're not perfect; right? we're 99.99% perfect. we're not perfect. we have problems. if we do, we maintain a fair and orderly market. that's what we did yesterday, and it's important to recognize the fact we didn't trade for several hours. if you're a traditional long investor, mom and pot institutional investor, that three hours doesn't matter. you buy in the stock for the longer period of time; right? the fact is, every single person was in the same situation. nobody was relatively advantaged or disadvantaged because the market was down. liz: i'll say that probably didn't sit well with some very sophisticated mom and pop investors who jump in and out of stocks. there's many out there. we talk about that, and more including what i asked the ceo to do, which was give me a 30-second pitch. pretend i'm twitter, not public, how do you convince twitter to go public when you have the facebook problem in the ipo a year ago, may, where that ipo was not smooth on the nasdaq, and then, of course, yesterday's flash freeze. charlie also just off the phone with bob
FOX Business
Aug 28, 2013 3:00pm EDT
of the reasons why. the analysts are saying voice technology is becoming a critical part that users are going to come to expect in the future in their wearable devices and their apple devices. but even going beyond apple, they're saying that you have to look at voice cancellation and voice recognition technology. this is a new market. so these shares are up sharply and with that, of course, we're also watching apple shares which at last check were up a little bit as well. cheryl: all right. thank you very much, lauren simonetti, for the new york stock exchange. a lot of breaking news. closing bell's going to be ringing, we've got 49 minutes to go, and media companies like "the new york times" under fire from hack aers who support -- hackers who support the syrian president. coming up next, what, if anything, can be done to stop cyber attacks on media web sites? >>> and as the u.s. prepares for possible missile strikes from syria, we're going to look at the dangers of a much bigger conflict and the potential risk to world markets. a global market strategist and a former cia officer going to gi
FOX Business
Aug 22, 2013 3:00pm EDT
investors. >> please go ahead. >> clearly the technology glitch will affect markets across the board. even though this is just centralized by nasdaq, the investor sentiment will be affected by this. multiple instances. multiple instances of this, and this is going to get the ball rolling as to how technology has outgrown the rules and the needs to be all revamp of the system. clearly we have had issues before. having humans here to fix things quickly is what is the most important thing. as you were saying, i disagree. you're saying that some of these are trading in the dark. they halted trading across the board. >> a stock in trade anywhere. it does not have to trade at the new york stock exchange. i'm just saying, you could trade a stock. you can trade. >> but they are not trading. it is halted on the primary markets. >> on the primary market. suppose you're right each rated have a bunch of orders of facebook or when this went down. your telling can't go to a dark pool and get it done. >> they're not treating them that guard pools. if anything, they're hedging his bets. >> you should be a
FOX Business
Aug 29, 2013 3:00pm EDT
-- technology issues are not good. however, i am just telling you this, he should have communicated better. we are taking our eye off of the ball by looking at this as a problem of bob greifeld communicating. in order to price security, you have to jump through so many hurdles that are so difficult. cheryl: what he could do here, though, is upgrade the software. you have layer upon layer of software. i would think he needs to go in at this point and make that the first thing that he handles. is that the strategy? >> charlie is absolutely right. the structure of the market will continue to evolve. it will be a bumpy process. that makes communication even more important. there was evidence that mr. grunfeld was slow to inform his board. i think that is a pretty serious issue. if i am a major shareholder -- charlie: he did not brief his board -- i am not covering up for him. i am just saying, it is a real big issue. cheryl: you have been all over this story. thank you so much. i like how you two are staying friendly. charlie: at least you know i do not have alzheimer's. i actually remembered him.
FOX Business
Aug 26, 2013 3:00pm EDT
you want to play cyclical areas of the economy, like technology and industrials and the defensive trade and yield oriented trade is fading. adam: as we wrap up, you know, with the potential for a pull back stick to your strategy, now is not the time to get out, but stay the course and weather this; correct? >> look, i think that one of the mistakes vinest res make all the time is losing that discipline around particularly volatile periods of the time. there's never a time not to be disciplined. to the extent you are inclined and want to look for a slightly better entry point, you may get that. we tell investors not to be cues about it. it's not a winning strategy. adam: senior vice president and chief investment strategist, thank you for joining us on "the closing bell" -- or "count down to the closing bell," it rings in luff ri 45 minutes, another great day for the facebook ceo, shares rallying, but is that stock over valued? yep, according to one guy we'll talk to, we'll talk to a business professor who wrote the book on valuations and the race for new cancer drugs sparks a more
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6